Coaching Levels in Football Soccer
5th April 2011

FA Get into FootballYou want to be a football coach but are not sure what qualifications you can have or need?

To start a junior football team you don't need any qualifications nor have taken any courses, all you need is a general understanding of football and lots of enthusiasm.

Many clubs however, and especially Charter Standard clubs insist that their coaches take part in the FA's Level 1 Coaching course, which gives the new football loach and introduction to organising a safe and fun training session and is geared towards coaching football to children as well as adults.

The FA provide a whole range of courses from the basic Level 1 course to the UEFA 'A' License, among others.

Here is a brief description of the pathway to the Uefa Licenses.


Level 1:
An introduction to organising and delivering safe and fun coaching sessions for young players.

Club Administration Being a Soccer Parent
Player development The Laws of the Game 

An introduction to:

Warm up and cool down Game related activities
Attacking Defending
Small sided games Heading

The course is spread over 3 weekday evening and 3 weekend days. Cost is about £150.


Level 2:
This national qualification provides candidates who have an ongoing involvement in football, with the opportunity to gain knowledge of how to plan, deliver and evaluate coaching sessions.

Coaching Qualities Session plans
Coaching styles Nutrition
Fitness Planning

An introduction to:

Attacking Support play
Ball control Defensive play
Denying Space Goal-keeping


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